As Long As We Got Love

October 12, 2013 Leave a comment

I kept hearing this song on the radio at work and I could NOT for the life of me remember the lyrics by the time I got home, so I could never look it up and download it.

I spent a half an hour today trying to google it off the five words that I thought I knew… Which turned out to only be half right. HAHAHAHA

But I found it!!! Listen. It’s a song that just makes me feel good and happy.

As Long As We Got Love
Javier Colon

Hey, Gang!!!

July 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Hey, Gang!!!

You may or may not know that a little over a year and a half ago, I dedicated myself to writing one blog a day. I did it for a whole year and decided I’d do it again this year.

I posted about anything and everything. It could have been something with depth or something as simple as a picture of my cat.

I’ve recently become a little more busier and focused on other things in life. New job, finances, planning for the future… All that boring adult stuff. This has left me with less time to dedicate to daily blogging. So, I’ve decided that I will post when I have something I want to share versus just to have a posting for the day. I think this will be better because it’ll probably be more interesting for you to read blog posts of quality versus quantity. If I do have things to share with you everyday, like pictures, I will still do so, but if I happen to miss a few days, I’m not going to sweat it. :) But fear not, because I promise you I will come back with a new post for you as soon as I can! AND I really want to start doing my giveaways. LOL

Thank you for supporting me and thank you for being great readers and contributors!

Again, I’m not going to stop blogging, I’m just going to post when I want to post versus posting every single day. :)



Coolant Reservoir vs Water Reservoir

June 30, 2013 3 comments

Photo Jun 30, 9 52 09 PM
What am I doing outside at 1pm at night? using a pump to pump out the water that my dad accidentally added to the coolant tank. He wasn’t looking and added water to it thinking it was the water reservoir. So I’m outside, pumping it out so that I can add more coolant. He filled it up REAL full of water, so the coolant is diluted to a really really light light pinkish color. It’s supposed to be BRIGHT pink. Omg… so funny, but so sucky at the same time!

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Girl’s Day Out!

June 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Went on a a Girl’s Day Out with Vanessa, from Apostrophe The Cat! She treated me to a super delicious breakfast at the Pineapple Room in Ala Moana. We shared scones with lilikoi spread, French toast and a bacon vinaigrette asparagus omelette! Everything was soooo good and I had such a nice day out with her! We definitely need to do this more often!

Resting In Her Box

June 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Anytime I put a box down on the floor, Sasha will not hesitate to just make it her new home. Isn’t she cute?

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Sasha Buddy Is Just Too Cute

June 27, 2013 Leave a comment

She’s just TOO cute. She loves to be around us and all she does is rest and sleep next to us alllll day!
Photo Jun 27, 6 10 06 PM

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F’real Milkshake & Smoothie Machine!

June 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Photo Jun 26, 10 57 24 PM
This is the best machine ever! It’s a self-making milkshake or smoothie machine! You simply pick your flavor, pull the cup out, tear the lid off and stick it into the machine to be blended! It tastes absolutely delicious too! These machines are in some of the local gas stations or 7-11′s. So convenient for a late night fix!


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