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My Body Inspiration

I have been reading up lately on how to eat and be healthier. I’m looking to slim down and tone up. A few different things that I’ve read said to set a goal and make it visible. Hang a picture  of your body goal on the wall. Put that bikini you want to fit into on the door. Hang up that little black dress that you want to wear to that party in 6 weeks. So you have something to remind you WHY you’re exercising THAT hard, or why you’re not eating that 3rd piece of pizza EVEN if you’re starving. Hahahahah!

I have decided to hang a picture of my body inspiration on my wall. It is Kim Kardashian. After looking through some of Kim’s albums on her Kim Kardashian website, this is the one in particular I picked to go up on my wall:

I have absolutely fallen in love with her. She’s GORGEOUS. And. She’s big in all the right areas. She’s got thick hips, a thin waist, and big breasts. Some people say “curvy” is a bad thing… Kim is “curvy” and she’s absolutely killer! (Though I know I’ll never look like Ms.Kardashian, I DO know I could look better than I do now… So I’m just striving to lose some weight and get toned up. You’re only young once, right?) I’m also looking more into skin care and makeup as well. It’s all actually kind of fun! :p

Here are a few more that may go up on the wall for inspiration too:

I am currently rocking 147 lbs on a 5’0″ frame (which is kind of on the chunkier side). However, I would ideally like to be about 120 lbs. I try to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in smaller proportions (because I think a main problem is over-consumption), with minimal to no snacking, unless it’s something like fruits or veggies, and lots of water. To exercise, I do about 30-40 minutes of cardio, 150-200 situps on the exercise ball, as well as lift 8 lb hand weights and do tricep exercises for about 20 minutes, every other day.

I’ll let you all know how my exercising and healthy eating goes! 🙂 Slimming down is goal number 1! 😀

  1. August 11, 2010 at 9:10 am

    For me, exercise classes are good when I am lacking motivation because you have to keep going since there is an instructor calling out orders and you’re surrounded by a bunch of people. If you start to lose motivation try out a class and it’s good to get someone to go with you so you can’t flake out on it. At 24 Hour Fitness, I like Zumba for cardio and Core Central or 24 Lift for getting full body toning with light weights. 24 S.E.T. is great too because it is cardio and weights. Good luck!

  2. August 11, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    Good luck! Kim Kardashian has a great body! But that’s what happens when you don’t have a real job and can work out whenever WITH a personal trainer lol.

    • August 12, 2010 at 10:18 am

      Isn’t that always the case!!? LOL I’d love a personal trainer.. along with time to do whatever i wanted!! Additionally… she’s got good genes… She’s the prettiest of the Kardashian sisters… physically too!

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