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Dreaming Of Falling: Shooting Stars

For the one person who never will believe in me:

Too bad you STILL can’t see me now. Self pity and pride is causing you such blindness. Your weak mind–It can’t handle constructive criticism, and looks only for a scapegoat to blame, rather than a rational solution to the problem… The ultimate pessimist in the highest form of self-delirium, thinking that the whole world is against you, and that you honestly don’t deserve any blame or responsibility. I truly feel sorry for you, and it’s so sad that you seem to look down on me having an educated mind of my own–one that can figure out even the sick game that you don’t even realize you’re playing yourself.

Alright, let’s pretend that Krystn never picked up a pen.

Let’s pretend things would have been no different.

Pretend she procrastinated and had no motivation.

Pretend she just made excuses that were so paper thin, they could blow away with the wind.

“Krystn, you’re never gonna make it, makes no sense to play the game, ain’t no way that you’ll win.”

Pretend she stayed outside all day and played with her friends. That she didn’t have to build her life back up since she was a kid, and it was never time to move, and schools weren’t changing again, that she had a mother and she wasn’t crazy as sh*t.

Let’s pretend that she never dreamed that she was gonna make it, and everyone wasn’t always saying you “won’t amount to sh*t”, or “quit daydreaming kid”

–Pretend that she never got where she did just because things never fell into her lap like all those other kids–so she ain’t even here–she’d pretend that, airplanes in the night sky were like shooting stars.

But that’s all pretend.

I am 23. I’m always dreaming of falling. I can only pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars. There are no wishes. Or genies. Or magic fix-alls. I build my own life. I lead my own life. I make my own decisions as well as my own mistakes. I HAVE to take responsibility as well as pay for my own actions.

It’s called being an adult. Why can’t you be one too?

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  1. October 5, 2010 at 8:06 am

    Eminem’s Recovery album is arguably his strongest, if not the tightest of his albums. I’m totally enjoying his tracks atm, and how is it coincidental that I get that “oh yeah, that’s happening to me too” thingy whenever I read your blog!

    Sounds like you’re having an experience with someone who’s putting you down. Well stand firm and do good, cos when you do good, you’ll never do wrong.

    Ayway, some people try to win by working hard, while some don’t really care about winning but the journey itself. And sadly there are some people who do anything to win by putting others down.

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