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Sonic-Boom Heart Alarm Clock

I was on a friend’s FaceBook page the other day, and noticed a really cute clock in the background of her picture. I saw it, and I KNEW that I absolutely HAD to have one. (I love cute things, and hearts ESPECIALLY.)

My friend said she had received it as a gift, and that she didn’t know where it was bought from, so I went searching for what it was called, and where I could buy it. After much searching I came up with a picture, a name, and a legitimate place I could buy it!

This is the clock I saw in her picture:

I like it because it’s heart-shaped and colorful, but if you’re a heavy sleeper, or an alarm-clock snoozer, or a serial late-waker-upper, then it also has a handy sonic-boom alarm bed shaker! Pretty interesting.

I found it on amazon.com. Click to see the Sonic Boom Heart Alarm Clock!

  1. October 18, 2010 at 10:37 am

    This is super cute! Though I don’t think it would last very long with me… well. Either I’d die of a heart attack, or IT would die by being thrown somewhere. 😀

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