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Planning A Life Together

There are certain times when I realize that I absolutely am in love with my boyfriend. We talk a lot about everything, both seriously and light-heartedly. I favor the light-hearted conversations because it sometimes exposes some of his thoughts that I wasn’t previously aware of.

For example… The other day, we were watching Teen Mom 2. One of the couples have 2 twin girls. They are THE CUTEST babies ever. But I digress… Hahahaha! Anyway, I mentioned how “for our babies, we’re gonna have a million pictures” (because I don’t have any baby pictures really, which is sad). And instead of my boyfriend laughing amd brushing it off, the way I expected him to, he replied with “and videos too! I don’t have any videos of myself as a kid.” It sounds like a plain reply… but to me it means that 1- he’s actually thought about having kids, 2- he’s thought about having kids WITH ME, and 3- he’s imagined scenarios that he’d like for our kids.

This makes me feel like he’s very serious about our relationship and that he’s planned and thought of me in his future. Now, I know I may sound like I’m some teenaged girl with naive high hopes, but I’m not. My boyfriend and I have known each other for 11 years, have been best friends for about 6 years, and have been going out for 2 years. We’ve shared our hopes and our dreams with each other, we’ve succeeded and failed together, we’ve been through extreme ups and downs together, we’ve discussed our financial goals, we’ve discussed housing options and taking care of our parents when they’re old, and weddings, kids, traveling and retirement (among other things). We’ve grown from children in middle school to young adults in the working world together. I think this really helped to solidify the basis of our relationship. So we’ve been serious for a very long while.

But it’s the subtle times like these that makes me realize how much love I have for him. I’m excited for our future. Apparently he is too. It’s such a wonderful feeling. ❤

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