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Donated to Japan. Again.


I live in Hawaii but the devastation in Japan (due to the tsunami) has touched a sensitive spot with me. I almost can’t stand to watch and read the daily news coverage of the devastation and continued suffering of the country.

A few days ago, I donated $10 through T-mobile by texting Red Cross to 90999. It adds on the $10 to your bill.

Today, I donated again to the Japan effort by purchasing $60 dollars worth of “ALOHA” t-shirts and decals that a local store, ButiGroove, had for sale. They collaborated with a couple other local stores and came up with this idea and t-shirt design to help raise money for Japan. 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross for the Japan relief effort. It was kind of neat too because that means that the store printed all these t-shirts to “give away”. They’re not getting any of the money to go towards the cost of the shirts. It’s a clever way to get people to donate, as well as a nice way to give back to their customers and the people who are donating to help out.

The shirts are $20 dollars and the decals are $3. It’s good because technically you’re getting stuff for donating! I hope you all have gone out to donate! 🙂

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