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An Excellent Inexpensive Hair Dryer


I’ve been on the search for a new hair dryer because the one I had previously is about 500 years old and ready to break. I didn’t want to pay a fortune for a super fancy one with a bunch of attachments that I don’t need, but I wanted a good one.

After buying one from Target on clearance for like $16, I found that after testing it out, it really did not blow me away (no pun intended). It didn’t get very hot, didn’t blow very hard, didn’t have very many settings, and didn’t come with any attachments. I didn’t expect much for a clearance item, and so my search went on.

I went to Costco today, and just by chance, passed a hair dryer that was on sale for $14.99! It was $19.99 originally with a $5 manufacturer instant coupon! It came with a big diffuser attachment and a concentrator attachment. I thought, “WOW. All of this for just $20 bucks? Er… $15 bucks technically? Good deal, but it must not be very good.” I opened it and tried it, not expecting much.

All I have to say is WOW.

The hair dryer is an 1875 watt tourmaline ceramic styler from the Conair Professional Series. It’s the Infiniti Nano Silver by Conair.

The hair dryer:

  • is sturdy
  • is white (and not tacky or cheap looking the way I expected it to be)
  • has a swivel cord
  • has a hot/warm/cold setting
  • has a high and low setting
  • uses ionic technology
  • has a little blue light that turns on when the dryer is on
  • is medium sized (not small, but not really big)
  • has the diffuser and concentrator attachments that just easily pop on and off


Even if your Costco doesn’t have it available for $14.99 with the coupon, I’d still recommend getting it for the regular price of $19.99! Even Amazon is selling the hair dryer (here), but as of today, it’s selling for $26.19 (with free super saver shipping). It even has really good reviews on Amazon as well!

I usually really like all the Costco products, because all of their products, no matter what kind of products they are, are very good quality products (and I speak from experience)!

It’d be a really good, useful, inexpensive gift for someone, or for someone who you know that needs a new hair dryer.

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