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Cats 101: Planning Out Future Pets


My ears always prick up when I hear or see things related to my future.

Some things that I see in my future are pets! I mean, who doesn’t want a pet? I’ve grown up in a house full of animals since I was small. We’ve had mice, birds, fish, dogs, and lots and lots of cats.

I love cats. After I get married and buy a home, I’d like to fill it with children and animals… Okay, okay, not fill it up, but at least have a few–a child or two, and maybe one cat and one dog.

However, I have become aware that one really needs to choose a pet wisely. Different breeds of different animals may not match or coincide with one’s particular lifestyle–Which is not only unfair for you, but also unfair for the animal itself.

I’ve been watching “Cats 101”. This show is on the Animal Planet channel. They have short but informative segments on different breeds of cats for different lifestyles. They offer up information like:
-brief history
-physical characteristics
-fur maintenance
-general health of breed
-how they interact with people, children, and other animals
-tips on breeding
-specific showcasing of examples of the breed

I find all of this information VERY helpful in planning ahead on what kind of cat I may want in the future (and I just love seeing all the cuties and kittens)!!!

So far, I think the “ragdoll” breed will fit my lifestyle and wants in a future cat companion. It’s loving, good with kids and other animals, is playful, has low maintenance fur care, is usually in good health, and is very very very cute!

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