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HTC Sensation and the HTC Sense UI


First off, let me say that I have a T-Mobile Blackberry 9700 as my main phone, then a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V as my android phone and secondary carrier, and other side phones and extra carriers in case of emergency. I switch up my phones about as much as I switch up my underwear, so I’m always messing around to see what I like best.

I recently got the HTC Sensation for T-Mobile and got to experience the HTC Sense user interface (UI).

I’ve been checking the forums and googling and it seems like the Sense UI is really a love or hate thing. Let me say that physically, I LOVED the HTC Sensation! It was beautiful, the 8mp camera with flash was awesome, along with the front facing camera, and the GIANT touch screen.

HOWEVER, the Sense UI was TOO MUCH. I like the simple froyo android 2.2 UI with no frills. The Sensation has android 2.3, gingerbread with the Sense overlay and it was buggy. I kept opening my dialer and it was showing me double of all my numbers because it was showing the numbers I imported to my phone AS WELL as the numbers on my sim card. (And yes, I set it to view the numbers on the “phone” only.) It was still displaying BOTH. It was due to the Sense overlay. In regular android 2.2 (sans Sense) the dialer doesn’t do that. And just fyi, the phone book worked fine (displaying only one set of numbers–it was just the dialer that wasn’t working right). And, after researching, it seems like there is no real “fix” for this problem.

Also, whenever I was texting someone, if that same person sent me a text while I was typing out my text, the Sense UI would make the screen go back to the top of the conversation. So I would have to scroll back down, and re-click on my text to continue writing out my message. I text A LOT so this was really bothering me.

The Sensation also has a dual core processor. Impressive, until you do a speed test against T-Mobile’s Samsung Exhibit (which I tried out after the Sensation), and see that it’s faster than the Sensation.

Other little things that bothered me with Sense was the email client. I liked the simple android 2.2 layout where I could see all my email accounts and could easily tell that I had x number of emails in each. With the Sense UI, the Email client became much more cluttered and complicated.

The phone itself had bad in-call sound quality. I was sounding very soft to the people that I called, even if I was on max volume. I had to keep my mouth very close to the speaker and talk in a very loud volume to have a normal volume level for the other caller. I tested this against my boyfriend’s Samsung Exhibit in a video call to him. The Exhibit had great sound quality from a regular distance away, but the Sensation had very bad (soft) sound quality from a regular distance away.

And finally, (I think I’ve covered everything), the speaker wasn’t so good because even on max volume, the ringer was very soft.

If you’re simpler, and can overlook all these things, then the HTC Sensation is the phone for you. It’s definitely one of the NICER android phones on T-Mobile at the moment. I couldn’t overlook all these irking qualities (and I jokingly call myself “vain” because I love all that is pretty and shiny and physically appealing and can usually overlook some of the little things in return for a sleek, hot product). Form did not rule over function for myself this time.

I must say that the Samsung Exhibit had a better, simpler UI for android 2.3. The screen was a little smaller, but the UI was most definitely better than the Sense UI. It resembles android 2.2 very much but has a newer, updated feel to it. Go with the Exhibit if you can’t deal with the Sensation.

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