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LG Optimus V On Virgin Mobile

I have a Blackberry 9700. I do not have the newest Blackberry 9780 because I am one of those people who like to stay out-of-contract for my cell phone plan (so I do not want to renew my contract just for the phone) and I do not want to pay a whopping $500 for the Blackberry (full retail price, no contract extension).

I -LOVE- my Blackberry. However, I also love all the BEAUTIFUL touchscreen phones that are coming out. After much trial and error, I have resigned to the fact that I will always need my Blackberry for text. (For me, nothing can beat having the Blackberry QWERTY style keyboard.) I can type at break-neck speeds on this versus any touch screen or other QWERTY keyboard phone.

For me, texting and picture taking is where my interest in my Blackberry ends. (The Blackberry camera is insanely good for only being 3.2 mp.)

To quench my thirst for a reasonably priced android phone and plan, I have turned to Virgin Mobile and their LG Optimus V. It is a prepaid phone, so it’s no contract, and I pay month by month. and can opt out at any time.

As of right now, the Optimus is $150 and the plan is $25 a month for 300 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data. I think this is DAMN good for what you’re paying. Virgin Mobile is way better in the data department than T-Mobile when it comes to having reception EVERYWHERE.

I heard that the price for the Virgin Mobile plan is going to have a price increase, so it will be $35 eventually for the same package every month. I still think this is a good deal because you get minutes, text, AND data for the equivalent of just data on one line at T-mobile/AT&T/Verizon.

By the way, I have a post paid family plan on T-Mobile. It’s a really good plan with “grandfathered”, no-longer-available-but-still-on-my-plan, features like MyFaves oall 4 of my lines, $5 basic internet on all lines, and $10 unlimited family text messaging for ALL lines. So I’ve figured that the best and cheapest way for me to keep my good plan and Blackberry, have a nice phone and something on android, is to have my regular T-Mobile plan and my virgin mobile prepaid plan. (ALSO, it’s CHEAPER for me to have my virgin mobile plan for $25 for talk/text/data, than to JUST add $30 data to my current post paid plan.) Go figure. And I like having the separate line for business purposes too.

Anyway, it was essential for me to have a GOOD android phone too. The one that I picked was the LG Optimus V.

It’s compact, has an excellent touchscreen, works very well, has android 2.2, and is very durable.

The Optimus is a very well-working phone. I’ve tried T-Mobile’s Comet phone with android, (which is a about a $100). It’s screen is smaller, the screen is less sensitive, and the phone itself is s-l-o-w. I also tried another phone called the Tap on T-Mobile. This one was not android, but the phone itself was terrible.

As for the Optimus, I only wish that the phone had a little bit more internal memory as well as a flash for the camera.

I really LOVE my Optimus. It was the perfect solution for myself. I can NOT live without my Blackberry, but I also wanted a GOOD but cheap alternative android phone too. The apps, access to the android market, the email/facebook/twitter, and having everything on one phone is perfect. Internet and email on my Blackberry is not the same. The apps are not so good, there is not as much development of their apps, and browsing the internet/checking email is not as smooth.

If you are like me, I would suggest trying out the Optimus on Virgin Mobile. It’s cheap, affordable, and it actually works well!!

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