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Waiting For Virgin Mobile’s Motorola Triumph!

So, since I’ve fallen in LOVE with my LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile over the past few months, I have been waiting for their newest android phone to come out. It’s called the Motorola Triumph.

The main reason that I want the Triumph is because it is supposed to run the stock android 2.2 on it. I DO NOT like the android phones (mostly the HTC/Motorola phones) with HTC Sense UI  or Motoblur UI overlay, so I’m really looking forward to the clean, stock, android UI. I mentioned in one of my last posts all the reasons why I personally did not care for the HTC Sense UI on the HTC Sensation that I had.

Some of the other reasons that I have been looking forward to the Motorola Triumph is:

  • that it has a flash for the camera
  • the screen is 4.1 inches (!)
  • there is a front facing camera in addition to the regular 5MP rear camera
  • it has a 1GHz processsor
  • HDMI output

Best Buy has it on their website for preorder at $299.99. Some people claimed to have even got it in store EARLY. The release date for the Triumph is supposedly July 19.

I am SO excited for this phone to come out because I LOVE my Optimus, and this is just  a bigger, better version of it! I’ll be continuing on with my prepaid plan of $25 dollars a month “beyond talk” plan as well which comes with 300 minutes and unlimited data and text.

Torture. This is TORTURE I tell you! Hurry Triumph! Hurry and get to Hawaii stores!

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