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REVIEW: Motorola Triumph On Virgin Mobile (Brief)

So I’m trying out the Motorola Triumph right now. I was able to successfully swap my phone phones from my LG Optimus V and get everything set up today.

First off, I LOVE that it’s running stock android 2.2. Everything works very smoothly OS wise. And I also LOVE the big screen size! It makes viewing and typing a lot easier. Playing high quality youtube videos is also very good. It didn’t skip once, the sound was good and loud, and the picture was very clear. The camera on the phone has a lot more settings now, but the pictures seems to come out just pretty good. I think it all depends on your lighting, angle, steadiness, and subject when you take a picture from any phone. The phone also seems to be fast, but not lightning-speeds faster than my Optimus. I also liked the front facing camera. It’s fun to video chat with friends. The quality of the front facing camera is obviously not the greatest, as the specs specify, but it works for it’s intended uses. Also, the video camera does 720p HD video. Playback of the video on the phone is a little choppy though.

Also, I must point out some cons. The colors on the Triumph are a little washed out. If you turn the screen’s auto brightness off and turn the screen brightness up all the way, it’s okay… However, the blacks are sort of grayish and the whites are not as white but also sort of grayish-white. It pales in comparison to my Optimus in saturation and hue. Here are some pictures of the Triumph and the Optimus together with the same screen shots and the same stock wallpaper:

The Triumph is on the left and the Optimus is on the right. This is a picture of both phones with the same stock background and widgets. The brightness is turned all the way up to the max on the Triumph and at 33% on the Optimus. The reason why it’s set this way is because if the brightness is not all the way up on the Triumph, the screen gets very dim and gray looking and the Optimus is normal at 33% brightness.

The Triumph is on the left and the Optimus is on the right. Notice that the tiger is much more saturated on the Optimus than it is on the Triumph.

The Triumph is on the left and the Optimus is on the right. Notice how the black is not really as black as the Optimus’s screen.

Also, there is no camera button on the phone. And I don’t know why, but my Triumph keeps dropping out of reception and down to 1x in places where my Optimus previously did not. It may just be a case of “first batch syndrome” where all the phones in this initial batch aren’t as good as they really could be because they’re the “first” ones to come out. The Triumph also does not have wifi tethering capabilities the way that the Optimus did through the Quick Settings app. I really like the perk of making my own mobile hotspot so that was kind of a a big bummer for me.

I knew of the grayish screen quality and the camera button before I bought the phone, but i’m a little disappointed that the reception keeps dropping out on the Triumph when it was perfectly fine on my Optimus.

Overall, for a non-picky average user, this phone is AWESOME for the price. AND you can get it for less than retail price with the Mover’s Guide coupon for 10% off at Best Buy. I would recommend this phone to people because the cons aren’t as noticeable if you weren’t looking for them and as I said before, the price is awesome for what you get.

However, for someone anal like myself, I’d say to wait until a few more phones come out and/or until the developers tweak what they need to to make things better. The Optimus Black will be coming out next on Virgin Mobile, so keep an eye out! It’s supposed to be similar to the Triumph.

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