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My New “Card Cubby”

For a while now, I’ve been looking for a new card holder for all my rewards cards, stamp cards, etc. My old one was LITERALLY falling apart on me and the amount of cards I had had somewhat outgrown their current home. I’ve been on the search for the SAME card holder just because I was used to it, but found out that they didn’t even have the same style anymore!

I’ve been looking and looking and looking for the past year, and today I finally stumbled across something that I think I can use. It’s called a Card Cubby. They actually have a website that you can check out here. I found mine at a local cutsie-knick-knack store.

It’s a little pouch with alphabet seperators. The little insert that it came with also says it’s also good for coupons (smaller coupons, and not really a binder-full equivalent like all you extreme couponers). Mine happens to be GOLD and I absolutely love the way it looks. I don’t like that I can’t see all my cards (my old one had clear holders that you could flip through), but this way is a lot more organized. Here’s what mine looks like:

I really like that it’s a little bigger than my previous card holder and that it has the seperators and back window pocket. I’m willing to try it out for the time being. I hope it works out! Mine was a plain one (with no strap, or fancy embellisment) which was about $20, which is what the website price is, so it’s not TOO bad, but definitely a good investment if you keep and use things like this for a long time. (My last card holder lasted me a few years.)

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