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An Update On Things

Hello all.

Just wanted to give you all an update on everything.

On “extreme couponing”:

I’ve found out that it’s extremely hard to extreme coupon here in Hawaii–no pun intendd! First off, stores in Hawaii do not double or triple coupons AT ALL. Secondly, our prices are higher than the mainland prices at the very same store (an unfortunate consequence of living on the isolated island(s)-state). And third, stores down here do not necessarily follow the same rules as their mainland counter parts and they do not really let multiple coupons that say “one per household” slide the way they do on the Extreme Couponing show with the STACKS of coupons at the register.

It’s kind of interesting because it’s almost like the culture as well as the high cost of living does not allow for extreme couponing.

HOWEVER, it is not impossible to get good deals the way extreme couponers do. We may not be able to get 40 bottles of mustard all in one crack, but we can get certain items for free, or for next to nothing if we watch the sales at different stores and what coupons appear online/in the paper. I’ve gotten free conditioner, good deals on clearance makeup with a coupon that makes the total cost almost next to nothing, and exceptional deals on food like $1 dollar Lunchables, JUST BY watching for sales and coupons. It’s actually very fun because I get so much more for my money these days!

On daily life:

Alright. I’ve been feeling especially overweight lately. I can’t really find the will to get out and exercise OR eat right…

SO, I’ve decided to think about it like this:

I’m 24 now. I only have a few more years to be a 20-something year old AND I’d like to be a sexy, fit, healthy one! There’s only so much time left before it becomes a next-to-impossible task to lose weight and body fat. Also, even though my boyfriend never makes me feel like I’m fat and even though he always tells me I look good, I’d like for him to be able to have someone (me) to show off. Right now, I feel more like an “arm-bucket-of-lard” versus “arm-candy”. I want him to be able to be proud to introduce me as his pretty, svelte, healthy, toned, girlfriend.

So there.

I’m going to try and use those thoughts as motivation to get my butt out the door…

Must… Get… Out…

I’ll let you all know how that goes! Wish me luck!

  1. August 29, 2011 at 10:27 am

    You are so not fat! But I know how you feel all the same. Even if everyone around us tells us we’re not, it’s how we feel that makes the most difference. Good luck!! You can do it 😀

  2. August 29, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Exactly! I just FEEL fat. Lol and would like to feel skinnier. Lol But thank you for the encouragement! I appreciate it! I’m impressed at your dedication to the gym too! Especially with all that you have going on! :}

  3. September 2, 2011 at 9:31 am

    Oh ever since I started C25K I stopped going to the gym lol. It’s just too far away for me to WANT to go. That’s what I like about C25K. I can do it right outside my house.

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