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Tips For Trips: A Travel Checklist

Have you ever found yourself packing for a trip while repeating in your head “I know I’m going to forget something…“?

Well, if you’re like me, you probably have. People who are not are probably not reading this right now. Hahaha

For your convenience, I have compiled a traveler’s checklist of things that you might want to have packed away into your suitcases but might not necessarily remember. Also, this list was compiled under the assumption that you’re an average traveler with the average traveler needs and not some expert, rugged, back-packing, “i-don’t-need-anything-but-a-compass” type of traveler.

Travel Checklist




Shampoo/Conditioner (if you’re one of those people who like to bring your own)

Travel-sized hand sanitizer or wipes (this comes in handy if you will be out all day touching and seeing a lot of things but like to be clean or need to clean the kids up.)


Contacts (with travel sized solution and case) and one extra pair in case something happens to the first pair.

Passport and ID (if you’re travelling abroad)

Purse, wallet, keys (the standard everyday items)

Cell phone CHARGER (I didn’t put “cell phone” because most people are always carrying their cell phones these days)


Memory card for camera (large enough for you to take and store plenty of photos with)

Purse or bag with zipper (some places and countries have high rates of mugging or pickpocketting so I’d recommend getting a bag with a zipper and cross-body strap to reduce the chances of getting something stolen from you)

I got this one for $4 on clearance at Target. (It really doesn’t have to be something extra nice, just as long as it gets the job done!

Flat iron or hair dryer (if you’re one who absolutely needs it)

Makeup bag/men’s travel bag

Travel-sized perfume or cologne

Electric razor (for men who prefer to shave with an electric razor)

One or two extra pairs or clothes AND UNDERWEAR in case of emergencies, flight delays, unexpected shoves into the pool, etc.

Tennis shoes (I live in Hawaii and do immense amounts of walking, daily, in slippers–sandals, flip flops or whatever you might call them–and I still managed to hurt my foot just walking around the Las Vegas strip. It pretty much made the rest of my trip pretty uncomfortable. I would have NEVER thought I would have hurt my foot in my everyday slippers, but NOW, I’d HIGHLY recommend walking in tennis shoes ONLY, even for shorter distances and especially for longer distances. Yes, yes, I know it’s ugly and not fashionable, but your feet will thank you for it.)

An extension cord with multiple outlets (this comes in handy when the outlet at your hotel is far away, your charging cord is too short, or there aren’t many outlets to plug your things into.) I’d recommend a 6 foot extension cord. It’s short enough to pack, but long enough to still be a handy thing to have. It’ll run you about $3 at Home Depot or $8 at Walmart.

GPS WITH CAR CHARGER AND MOUNT (I can’t tell you how much easier it is to drive around an unfamiliar place using GPS. Heck, it’s easier to drive around where I live with a GPS!)

If you are going to use your smartphone as a GPS I’d advise to bring a car charger for your phone and a portable window or dash mount as this makes things a lot easier when driving around.

Laptop WITH CHARGER (in case you’re on a business trip or in need of a computer)

Outlet and/or voltage converters (if you’re traveling to different countries, you need to make sure you get the right outlet converter or you can’t plug anything in, as well as a voltage converter so you don’t burn everything out from other countries’ different voltages.)

This is all I can pretty much remember at this moment. Mostly everything else you can (or will have to) buy when you’re at your intended destination.

I hope this helps you out a little!

  1. November 18, 2011 at 7:49 am

    If you are traveling by car (our favorite mode of transportation), you should also consider taking your own pillows (makes any bed more comfortable) and toilet paper (you never know when you might need it).

  2. November 19, 2011 at 12:28 am

    Oh! I live in Hawaii, so we can’t travel ANYWHERE by car (road-trip wise)… LOL But that is a very good point! My sister will bring a blanket because I always have the AC going and she gets cold fast. And toilet paper is an absolute necessity!

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