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Semi-Affordable Cat Eye Sunglasses!

I’m always on the hunt for a good pair of polarized sunglasses at an affordable price without sacrificing the “fashionable” aspect of it.

Thanks to a shopping trip to the mall for the purpose of my boyfriend’s birthday, I have accidentally found an pretty perfect pair! I like the “cat-eye” look where it’s pointed towards the edges. I however DO NOT want to spend $200+ on a pair of sunglasses that I’ll probably end up scratching or sitting on. So, on this trip to the mall, I didn’t really have an idea for a gift, so I walked into Macy’s. I passedby the Sunglass Hut counter and stopped to look. My boyfriend can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. He’s big on protecting his eyes so I figured this might be a good gift.

As I was browsing, THESE caught my eye!

They’re Vogue brand cat eye sunglasses! They were $100 dollars at the Macy’s Sunglass Hut counter. I LOVE them because they’re ALSO polarized. It makes a really big difference in the glare factor when I’m driving, and ever since I had my first pair, I’ve never gone back to non-polarized sunglasses. Also, I have a bigger head, and this style of glasses still fit me comfortably.

I’m not sure if your Macy’s has a Sunglass Hut, but I’m sure any of the local designer sunglass counters or shops will carry them. Here’s a link to the Vogue sunglasses on the Vogue sunglass website (it doesn’t seem like you can purchase them straight from the website, but I’m sure you can find them SOMEWHERE!) And make sure when you look for them that they’re polarized. I’ve been seeing the SAME sunglasses on websites for cheaper, but they ARE NOT polarized.

I had a $25 gift card so mine ended up being closer to $75 dollars. If you wait until Macy’s has their “friends and family” coupon every half a year, you couldget 25% off ofANYTHING in the store (usually, their store coupons don’t apply to fragrances, sunglasses, and watches). This would make it the same price that I paid! Even so, $100 is at least semi-affordable.


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