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Chorizo Fried Rice

Today I made some not so healthy chorizo fried rice for mmy sisters and boyfriend.


I used:
1 chorizo sausage sliced and then cut down to smaller pieces
Green onion from my garden
One small jalapeno from my garden for flavor
A half an onion, chopped (you can put more or less to your tastes)
3 teaspoons of soy sauce
A spoonful of minced garlic (fresh is better but I also have bottled kind on hand for lazy days)
2 large eggs
A tray of some day-old cold rice

I cooked the chorizo sausage in a pan until it was almost to my liking, then added in the garlic, onion, green onion, and jalapeno for flavor, then added in the rice, stirred, added the soy sauce, and then finally the two eggs and mixed and cooked everything together. It was a little on the drier side, but tasted really good. You can good with a little bit of oil or butter for more of a greasier texture, but since the chorizo already contained so much fat I opted not to use butter or oil. 🙂

(By the way, I’m still on my diet so I only had a spoonful to taste, but my sisters and boyfriend loved it!!)

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  1. January 31, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    That looks amazing! So proud of you for only eating one spoonful! I had the hardest time not eating the breakfast foods (ie. bacon, pancakes, spam etc…) I cooked for everyone while I was on my diet lol. So I feel your pain!

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