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Favorite Android Apps

There are 3 Android apps that I have on my phone that I absolutely can’t live without! And the great thing about then is that they’re all free!


The first one is the WordPress app. I LOVE this app. I’m using it as we speak to write this blog. I know I mentioned this app before in a previous post, bit since then, it’s come a loooooongggg way! It’s VERY good and suited very well to every blogger who uses WordPress.com to blog. It still manages to remain simple too!


The second app is the Google Reader app. If you have a Gmail you can check out the “google reader” section of your account. It allows you to enter webpages into it’s memory and it keeps track of it like a newsfeed. So all the sites or blogs you read are updated and readable from one place. It’s very convenient. It’s even more convenient that hey made it into an app! I also use it to keep track of abd make sure that my site is publishing correctly and looks okay. You can see here that I’ve added my own blog as well as other blogs I like to keep track of to my Google Reader.


And FINALLY, I want to mention the Netflix app. I subscribed to Netflix just so I could stream movies and television shows from my computer. This handy little app lets me log into Netflix on my phone so I can watch all my shows and movies on the go! It comes in handy when I’m waiting at the doctor or for someone and have some time to kill. Or if I’m lazy, I’ll watch it in bed. It’s by far one of the best apps ever. As long as your subscribed to Netflix and have an android smartphone, you can download and use this app! The only thing I’d advise to watch out for is if you don’t have unlimited data/internet on your phone. Streaming and watching shows from the Netflix app on your phone consumes large quantities of data (if you’re not connected to wifi) so if you don’t have unlimited data, you could be charged for going over your alloyed amount. Figure out where you are with your phone plan to see if you’d be okay to use this app. 🙂


If you have the time, I’d highly recommend trying. These apps for your Android phone!

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