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New Phone: HTC Radar 4G Windows Phone


Okay, okay. First off, I AM an Android OS lover. However, I also love to experiment with new phones and OS’s. A few years back, I had my first Windows phone. It was a Touchpro 2 on T-Mobile. It was HORRENDOUS. SLOW. LAGGY. Not pleasing to the eye. But NOW, I must say that Microsoft has come a long way!! The newer Windows OS is sleek, simple and much faster. I really like it!

This here is my new HTC Radar 4G for T-Mobile. It was a gift from my boyfriend. It’s white and has an aluminum body so it feels very sturdy and iPhone-ish. Windows mobile is much simpler than Android but everything is very integrated into each other which makes the layout very streamlined and nice-looking.


It’s OS has the new Windows tiled theme and the tiles flip over to show you who messaged you or called. You can change the color too to any one of a handful of different colors. I picked pink. 😀

Oh! And the apps are pretty good. The Marketplace is plentiful.

All in all, I really like the Windows OS. However, I do switch between my Android phone (my Galaxy SII) and my new Radar. It’s fun to have different things to switch between!

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