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Purse Sized Bottles Of Ibuprofen

Today, I stocked up on some “purse-sized” ibuprofen. It’s Up & Up brand (which is Target’s store brand). I like it because I’ve always had a fascination for miniature everything. I mean, who’d wanna lug around a 500 count bottle of ibuprofen in their bag??

There was a store coupon for the ibuprofen too, so it only cost $0.77! (On the mainland it’s even cheaper so with the coupon it was coming out free!) But here in Hawaii, everything is marked up, so mine cost $0.77. Which is still a good price because at CVS, with a 40% off sale, the 24 count of CVS brand ibuprofen is $3! Seriously. Good deals! 🙂

It works good too.


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