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Repotted My Aloe Plant

I bought my aloe plant from Home Depot a while back. My grandpa had a really big aloe plant when I was a little girl. He’d break off some of the branches, peel them open, and use it on our backs for sunburn after our “beach days“. I really wanted to get one to kind of keep those memories alive. 🙂

Anyway, my aloe plant was about the size of my palm. When it got to be a little smaller than my whole hand, I repotted it. NOW, it’s the size of a canteloupe!!!

So, once again, I had to repot it.


It even had little babies!!! So I repotted those too! I hope they take root and grow!


Sasha came outside to see what we (my boyfriend and I were doing). He was repotting his plants too and we were both getting a little yard work done. Sasha likes to come outside when we’re outside and chill out with us.



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