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Auto: Techron

I added a bottle of Techron to my gas tank the other day because it’s supposed to be good for your car’s fuel injectors. It helps clean them so your engine keeps running as smooth as possible. I take very good care of my car inside and out, so I do this 1-2 times a year (too much is not good for the seals of your car supposedly, so no more than that).

The Techron additive is supposed to be added when you’re closer to having very little gas in your gas tank, then you fill your gas and it mixes together. (It’s said to mix better if you add the Techron when you’re low on gas, then fill up.) READ THE LABEL ON THE BACK TO BE SURE.

Outcome: I did notice that my car doesn’t shake AT ALL when idling or when I’m stopped anywhere. Before it SLIGHTLY shook a little (not because it’s old or junk either. Like I said, I take very very good care of my car and it’s in pristine condition) but I think the Techron is actually working. My car feels good! 🙂

The Chevron Techron is about $13.99 at your local automotive parts and supplies store. Not too bad a price for only using it once or twice a year!

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