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Sardines Are Actually Good!

Despite the bad rap that sardines always get, I must admit that they actually taste good! AND they’re apparently REALLY good for you too!

My boyfriend got me into sardines because he said that they’re packed with protein and he’s been eating them since he was small. He really likes the brand that Costco carries, Crown Prince, because they’re skinless and boneless which makes them very easy and fast to prepare and eat! This particular one comes in olive oil, so I just prepare them by pouring just SOME of the olive oil into the pan, heating it up, cooking some onions in it, and then throwing the sardines in it to brown them. (They’re cooked already and can be eaten straight from the can, however, I prefer them heated and cooked more.)

It tastes like any regular cooked white fish. I like it because it has 26 grams of protein and hardly any salt!


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