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Ugh, Nightmares

For the past couple of nights, I’ve been having nightmares. I’ve pinpointed that my nightmares spawn from there being certain types of stress in my life.

Usually, I can pinpoint what is stressing me out, and sometimes even my nightmares start to depict what is stressing me out, but this time there are multiple things I think I could possibly be stressed about and my nightmares are just about different scary things–people being so angry, paranormal activities–nothing specific in real life.

Also, the things that I could possibly be stressing out about are not immediately resolvable.

Most of the time, my nightmares are a result of being under a lot of emotional stress.

I’m so tired and exhausted already from the nightmares… I can’t even think.

I woke up choking out a scream tonight. Please, please, PLEASE, make them go away…

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