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A Few Good Windows Phone Apps

You may have read my earlier post on having an HTC Radar on T-Mobile. It runs on Windows Phone 7.5 or WP7.5 (Microsoft’s mobile OS). There are a few apps that I think you should check out.

The first one is SkyDrive. It’s basically “cloud storage”. So you can upload documents, pictures, and files for backup or for sharing with other people. It’s directly linked up to your live.com email (the one you linked to you phone or Windows device.

I find it really useful to back up all the pics that I like on my phone.


Another one I really like is the Netfllix app. The HTC Radar has exceptionally good reception (better than my expenive Samsung Galaxy S II) so I can stream Netflix pretty much anywhere.


The WordPress app is also okay. It’s not AS GOOD as the Android version, however, I AM glad that they even have it available for WP7.5.



If I have any other cool apps, I’ll let you guys know. What WP7.5 apps would you recommend???

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