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My Virgin Mobile Optimus Slider


My Virgin Mobile Optimus slider.has been having issues with it’s camera since I got it. First, when I would open up the camera, it would have lines all across and down the screen and be really bright. It didn’t do it every single time, but it did it about half the time. Then, most recently, I tried to open the camera (both by using the camera button as well as going into the menu and selecting “camera”) and it wouldn’t open up. The button would buzz when I pressed it, validating the fact that it recognized me pressing the button, but it did nothing after that. Andbwhen I selected it in the menu it wouldn’t do anything at all.

I couldn’t get my camera open!

So. I called Virgin Mobile customer care and they listened to the problem, transferred me to the warranty department, beefiest my warranty, and then set up a replacement phone to be shipped here in exchange for my broken one. (I think the phone had a warranty for xx amount of days from the date of purchase).

I’m so glad the exchange was easy.

Now, to await my replacement phone.

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