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A Favorite: Epielle Green Tea Cleansing Tissues


This is one of my favorite beauty products!

It’s the Epielle Green Tea Cleansing Tissues. I really LOVE these. I’ve tried the bargain Walmart brand cleansing towlettes as well as the more expensive Biore brand towelettes. However, I have still found these to be better.

I use them to wipe away eye makeup and wipe off makeup mostly. The Walmart brand ones are textured so it can start to feel like sandpaper against my eyelids after a few wipes. The Biore brand ones burn my eyes and the skin on my face.

This green tea cleansing tissues are smooth so it never feels like sandpaper against my skin and it’s not overly saturated with harsh cleaner so it doesn’t burn my eyes.

It also says right on the back:

– Hypoallergenic
-Safe for contact lens wearers (which would be me)
-Won’t clog pores and moisturizes skin
-Oil free

This pack of 30 wipes costs me about $3 or less (if on sale) at my local drugstore. Pick them up and try them if you’really looking for something good! 🙂

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