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Google’s Nexus 7! An AFFORDABLE Android Tablet!

I’m so stoked about Google launching their new 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet! The 8GB version is only $200 (and the 16 GB is only $250), making a tablet easier to own for a smaller price tag! It’ll come with Android’s newest OS, Jelly Bean. There are pros and cons about the tablet so make sure you read about it first before jumping the gun.

For instance:

Pro–Quad core Tegra 3 processor, Con–No micro SD card slot.


Pro–A 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera, Con–No rear camera

It’s very much up to you how you feel about what would be a pro and what would be a con. I personally think after reviewing all the specs for the tablet, as well as the pros and cons, that it is a very good device for what you’re paying. Plenty of value for a relatively small price tag.

Also, keep in mind that a device like this is not meant to compete with an iPad. It’s not built with with specifications to be comparable to a high end tablet. Google released this to hit the niche market of buyers who want a cheaper tablet but still have something of good quality.

You can find more info on it HERE directly from Google!

So, go and check it out and let me know what you all think!

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