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No “Enter Button” On ICS Text Keyboard


Okay. So I’ve found out that my new Google Nexus (brand new, GSM unlocked, pure Google phone, does not have an “enter key” on the text keyboard. So when you’re in a text, you have a smiley button instead of an enter key. (The enter key is the button you use to make a new paragraph so your text isn’t one huge long complicate paragraph.) I think this is because of Google’s newest platform update called Ice Cream Sandwich. Or Android 4.0 to be exact. It looks like it blocks out the enter key in favor of the smiley key. I downloaded a few keyboards that I KNOW had enter keys and ICS still blocked it out even if I applied the keyboards!

In other applications it has an enter key though. It’s only in a text window that there is no enter key.

However, I thought you’d all might like to know that Samsung’s Touch Whiz wins again. Their newest phone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII does indeed HAVE an enter key on their text keyboard. The SIII is also running on ICS, however Samsung’s overlay seems to have incorporated an enter key on the text keyboard, among it’s other cool and exclusive features.

Thinking of picking up one of these JUST because I can’t stand not having the enter key. And because I’ve been wanting an SIII anyways. Heh heh heh

I’ll let you all know what I end up doing. Ahahahaha

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