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SUPER Good Case For The Galaxy Nexus i9250 Or i515

I just recently picked up my Galaxy Nexus, i9250, (GSM version) because I have T-Mobile.

Now, I’m sort of anal about getting a case and having a screen protector for my phone from the day I get the phone (so that I don’t get any scratches on the screen or body of the phone. Because I ordered my Nexus straight from Google at play.google.com/store, I had to order a case separately.

I’m very picky about my cases and screen protectors. I like the cases to be snug, fit well, and have all the right holes/cutouts/buttons. I also like the TPU type of case and the way it feels. In terms of a screen protector, I like it to feel and look like I don’t have one on. So, I ordered a Diztronic case from Amazon. It’s snug, has cutouts for all the buttons and holes, and doesn’t make the phone feel bulky. It cost just under $10 AND came with a screen protector. People on Amazon said that the screen protector was a piece of junk, however, I think the screen protector is actually VERY GOOD! It’s just like the screen protectors that I buy in store at T-Mobile! It even applies the same way with the side one and side two. I think that if you usually have no problem with that type of screen protector and can apply it, then the screen protector is very good!

Here are the links for the three different cases that I bought on Amazon.

They are sold by Diztronic and fulfilled (and shipped) by Amazon.

Smoke Gray

Glitter Pink

Glitter Gray

THESE ARE THE REVISION 3 CASES. That means that they fit and have all the right holes for the Galaxy Nexus. Some of the earlier version or other cases don’t have the right holes, or the holes are too close to the ports, or off center, making it hard to plug things in, like the charger or head phones.

Here are some pics:


^ This is a gray sparkle case that I ordered from Amazon.

The case came with a screen protector and a cloth to clean the phone with as well as the case. (The cloth only makes the phone dusty so I wouldn’t use it to clean your phone beforehand or it’s gonna leave all kinds of dust on your phone which will end up under your screen protector.)

I also got a pink glitter case from Amazon from the same seller. It also came with a screen protector. It fits snugly without there being space between the phone and the case. So it doesn’t feel loose. AND it has all the right cutouts.

^ This is the Galaxy Nexus with the screen protector on. You can’t even tell that there’s anything there.

^ There’s even a small round hole in the upper right there for the little sound sensor thingy.

Just wanted to show you all how this case fits in case you were thinking of getting it! The BF got the smoke gray one exactly like these (minus the glitter) from the same seller too and it fits exactly the same way. VERY GOOD CASE! PLUS POINTS FOR COMING WITH A SCREEN PROTECTOR! 🙂

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