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Crab City In Kaimuki

Tonight, we went to Crab City in Kaimuki and did a small take-out order. Crab City is like the other crab restaurants, like Kickin’ Kajun, Raging Crab, or Hot And Juicy. They all serve seafood that’s boiled/cooked in butter and Cajun sauce. However, Crab City’s sauce is the only one that is rich and tasty versus red and oily. The sauce was very garlic buttery. A lot of other places I’ve tried are just red and oily and not as tasty.

We got garlic butter clams and a basket of deep fried calamari with Cajun fries.



We did take-out but the place has ample room for customers as well as plenty of TVs on all of the walls! I’d definitely sit down to eat!



Anyway, try it out and let me know what you think!

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