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Ting: An Affordable AND Efficient Answer To Having A Smartphone

So the BF happened to stumble across the cell phone service-provider, Ting, on his on-going quest to ever extend his cell phone knowledge. Hahaha

It is one of the most affordable AND efficient answers to having a phone or smartphone. (We’re both always trying to find the best deal on getting a good smartphone). We just both ordered the LG Optimus Elite on Ting! SO EXCITED!!!

You can get more info on them here: https://ting.com/

Ting says: “Select your plans based on how many minutes, text messages and megabytes you think you will use. That’s what we bill you. Next month you will be credited or charged the difference based on your actual usage.”

Ting, runs on the Sprint service (which runs really well here in Hawaii). I have Virgin Mobile now which runs on the Sprint network and it’s awesome. It’s prepaid, so no contracts. You start off by picking how much minutes, messages, and data you think you’d use, and what it does is it takes your amount of usage in terms of minutes, messages, and data and it will charge you for only the amount you use. So if your usage changes from medium usage one month(500 minutes, 1000 messages, 500 megabytes of data), which would be $33 a month, to little usage the next month (100 minutes, 100 megabytes, 100 megabytes of data) then it dials your monthly rate back for only what you used, which would be $15 a month. And Ting AUTO calculates this for you according to your monitored usage and bills you accordingly. AND to ADD-A-LINE, it costs only $6 (and they can share the minutes, messages, and data with you!) Pretty neat right?

You can check out their plan calculator on their site here: https://ting.com/plans

If you’re a heavy data user and use more than 3GB a month, then Ting probably wouldn’t be great for you because it bills you by the megabyte after 3000 MB (which is just about 3GB). But if you can hop on wifi at home or while you’re streaming or using lots of data (to keep your plan’s data usage down), then you could get Ting and it’d potentially be very affordable and efficient for you!

AND THEY HAVE AWESOME SMARTPHONES AVAILABLE!! Here are some, or you can check them out also on the Ting site here: https://ting.com/devices

Like the Samsung Galaxy SIII (in both blue and white)

OR The Samsung Galaxy SII (in black or white)

OR The LG Optimus Elite (in black or white)

It’s definitely worth a look!! Try and plug in your own usage and see if it’d be cheap for you too! The prices can be SUPER LOW and the phones are nice! Their site also does a good job of explaining their plans as well. Check it out!

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