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Craigslist Story: Computer Tower


So, I sell things all the time on my local Craigslist. I’ve been selling for years. All kinds of stuff. Computers. Cameras. Phones. It’s basically an outlet that I use so that I don’t accumulate too much stuff. I can buy something new, and sell the old one so that I don’t have a whole bunch of the same kinds of items. Anyway. Everyone knows that there are all kinds of people on Craigslist. Crazy. Both buyers and sellers. I happened to get a crazy buyer. Now, for Craigslist, I always meet at a public place, like the local shopping mall. A guy called to buy my computer, and wanted me to go to his house. I refused, and he started to go on and on about how he walks with two canes, had a partial stroke, and how his lawyer wife would be home to supervise if anything. Now, I don’t know this guy. He could have been a murderer for all I knew and his wife could be the queen of England. As I explained to him the predicament and how I don’t do house calls, or meet at people’s houses (or my own for that matter), he just did not seem to understand the logic to it. And then he continued to berate me and guilt trip me about how he doesn’t get it and how he was SOOOO DISAPPOINTED in me… REALLY? So what did I do? *click*. Goodbye. LOL PEOPLE NOWADAYS. -_-

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