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Ting: $25 Dollars Off First Device!

Remember that excellent-idea prepaid service I told you you about in this post: Ting: An Affordable AND Efficient Answer To Having A Smartphone?

Well, to sweeten the already-sweet deal, Ting is offering a $25 off your FIRST device on Ting!!! You just have to go through this referral link, add, your phone, pick your plan, and it should discount the phone at checkout! 😀 SWEEEEEET!

Here is the link. Just click and shop through it:


Happy shopping! I’d recommend the LG Optimus Elite ($193)–which is what I bought–for the casual or beginner-type phone users if you’re looking for a smartphone! For the more advanced or high-end users, I’d highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy SII ($390) OR the Galaxy SIII ($529 for 16GB – $579 for 32GB). I have or have had all these phones and they all work really well and are really nice! And remember! You get $25 off!

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