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Ahhhh, 2013.

It’s the beginning of a brand new NEW YEAR! 2013. The start of any new year is always so full of promise. Everything is fresh. Everything is new. The slate is once again, metaphorically, (and maybe literally), clean.

I started off my year very well. I celebrated it with my dad and the BF. my sisters were all away for New Years, but it’s okay because I always make time for them anyway. But, I started off my year with the BF. He cleaned his house and I cleaned and organized mine as well. I’ve been exercising almost every day, aside from the days that it rains hard or when I catch a cold. I feel good.

I do however have a few specific goals to tend to this year.

1-Get a good, career-type job.
2-Pay off the bills.
3-Organize the finances.
4-Eat healthier and in smaller portions.
5-Exercise to shed pounds.
6-Lose weight and diminish fatty areas such as, arms, stomach, face, and legs. I’d ideally like to get back down to 125 lbs. I think that that was a good size for me.
7-Make more time for my friends.
8-Be more forgiving/nicer/understanding.

I hope you all have started off the year with a few goals and more importantly, can accomplish them!!! Happy 2013!

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