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My Version Of To-Go Breakfast Sandwiches

Made my version of Taralynn Mcnitt’s To-Go Breakfast Sandwiches recipe that can be found on her site, “Undressed Skeleton”. I used turkey bacon, 2% milk cheese, and added chopped red bell pepper, tomato, and spinach to the egg. If you want to do it the healthiest way, like she does, then use only egg whites with the veggies, and whole wheat English muffins. I used the whole egg and white bread English muffins because the to-go breakfasts were for my dad, who doesnt care for the taste of wheat bread, and wants the whole egf for protein since he goes to the gym to work out.

I wanted to make these because they’easy to prep ahead of time and can just be warmed up and eaten if you’re on the go.

I baked the turkey bacon on a cookie sheet and the egg mix in a cupcake tin just the way she did, put the sandwich together, and then toasted it for 7 minutes in the toaster oven. BOY, when you put it all together, it sure is delicious!





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