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Fly Web Fly Trap

I bought this Fly Web Fly Trap from Amazon. I’ve been looking for a bug zapper or bug trapper thing for my bedroom. I don’t have any water, or food, or plants or anything in there, but for some reason I have all these little gnats that bother me at night! I turn off all my lights, and use my phone right before bed to browse the internet or play some games, and the gnats fly towards my screen and land on it!

The other night, I smashed 5 separate gnats on my phone screen, one after another. SO IRRITATING.

So, I began looking up bug zappers. BOY, they can get really expensive! So I settled on a 4-star bug trapper called the Fly Web Fly Trap for $25. I also bought a pack of sticky paper refills for the thing because it doesn’t zap the bug as opposed to attracting it to the light and it flying an trapping itself on the sticky paper inside.

This is what it looks like:





It’s quite large (as I was expecting something a little bigger than a plug in night light). But that’s okay, because the moment I plugged it in, it immediately started to attract and catch all the little gnats that were flying around my room!

I’m going to keep using this thing until I can find the cause of the gnats and stop the problem. I can be on my phone in peace at night when the lights are off as long as this thing is on.

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