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Went to the eye doctor the other day and got my eyes checked. I wear contacts (and glasses when I’m not wearing contacts)… But the doctor mentioned that then makeup and makeup removers that I use may be doing more harm than good. So she recommended Almay brand (cheaper/drugstore) or Clinique (more expensive/department store) makeup. She said they are both hypoallergenic and less likely to irritate the eye. I never really had a problem with my makeup irritating my eyes, but I bought some stuff to try from Almay anyway. I must say, it is NOT as good as my more expensive makeup. My eye makeup smudged early in the morning even with a the Almay primer that I put on first. The makeup remover is okay, more so much by cause it’s better for my eyes, as opposed to oil based makeup removers or towelettes. And the eyeliner is not as black as my usual eyeliner.. It’s kind of dull looking, but easy to apply, though it smudges and leaves lines in my creases. 😦 The eyeshadow is pretty good though. I like the already made up palettes. And the colors are nice. 🙂 I think I will continue to use the makeup remover and the eyeshadow.. But I’ll have to try Clinique for my eyeliner and my primer.

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