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New Lipsticks!

June 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Got some new lipsticks from Sears tonight! All the major drugstore brands were 50% off!

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Black Cherry By Milani

June 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Did my nails! The color is Black Cherry by Milani. It can be found at your local drugstore. 🙂 It’s a very pretty dark dark red color.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

June 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Photo Jun 16, 1 59 40 AM
FINALLY started using my Bobbi Brown eye cream from Vanessa! So far, I really like it!

New Handbag & New Lipstick

April 21, 2013 2 comments

I wanted to get a new handbag for work. Something a little more structured and neutral but still trendy. I’m also on a tight budget. This is what I ended up with… For only $29.99! Even if I really wanted a $250 dollar Michael Kors bag. :p


I also got my first MAC lipstick ever. I saw someone wearing a dark red and it looked really nice, so I got this one hoping it’d look just as nice on me!


Haircut For The BF

April 17, 2013 Leave a comment

The BF went to get a haircut today. The lady that cuts his hair moved to another shop so he decided to go there too. The lady is really nice and does a good job. The prices are SO reasonable too!


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Revlon “Freshly Scarlet”

April 8, 2013 Leave a comment


Painted my nails today. Revlon “Freshly Scarlet”… I haven’t worn red in a long time… Much less nail polish at all for a long time!

Knu Anti-Aging Cream

April 5, 2013 Leave a comment



I ordered this Knu Anti-Aging Facelift cream. My Fri and, Vanessa, from Apostrophe The Cat, sent me an email for a deal for the cream. The original price is $150, and it was on super sale through LivingSocial for only $25!!! I could never afford $150 for a small 1.7 oz. container! So this $25 deal is right up my alley. 🙂 I haven’t hear anything about this cream, but apparently it’s all over YouTube with rave reviews! I can’t wait to try it out! Thank you, Vanessa!

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