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Belated Birthday Gifts From Kittie!

May 25, 2013 Leave a comment

My friend Kittie knows that I love Hello Kitty so she bought me a Hello Kitty tote bag, a Hello Kitty tumbler, and she also knows I love coffee… So she bought me a pen that is supposed to last 7 years, that says “need coffee”… I love everything!
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Birthday Present

May 14, 2013 Leave a comment

My lil sis gave me my birthday present early. She put it right in my bed to torture me. She said I can’t open it until my actual birthday. This kid…

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Clarisonic Mia2

February 17, 2013 4 comments

This is the pink Clarisonic Mia2 that my sister got for me for Christmas. Apparently, after looking it over online, the Mia2 is better than the Mia version ofthe Clarisonic. It has more options for use and is like a revised version of the Mia.

Also, if you register your product online at, then the Mia2 comes with a 2 year warranty versus the 1 year warranty on the Mia. You register your product online with the serial number that’s on the bottom of your actual Clarisonic handle. So keep your receipts people! I’m not sure if you need it (like maybe it was a gift to you), but I’d keep it just in case if you have one.

Check out the website though, there’s lots of useful info on there.

OH! Another thing that the sales girl said was that it’s made to be used with your  regular cleanser AS LONG AS IT HAS NO MICRO BEADS… So none of those little beads in the cleanser! The Mia2 comes with a little tube of their sample cleanser… But I’m going to use my regular cleanser since I know it’s good and works with my skin. 🙂

I’m excited to try mine, but I have to charge it for 24 hours before the first use. So now I’m just waiting. :p


A Gift From My Former Boss

January 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Went to lunch with my former boss the other day because she wanted to take us out. We got her a small TV for Christmas because she had a really old junk one. When I worked there and when my younger sister worked there, she was very good to us so we like to take care of her when we can.

I think she felt bad, because she ended up bringing a gift with her to lunch. It was an electric pot/skillet. It works really well too! We already tried it out! Still such a kind woman!

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Christmas Gifts

December 25, 2012 Leave a comment




Got some really thoughtful gifts this year!! Loved them all!

One was a Hunger Games themed bracelet that has a quote from the book… The “real or not real” quote… Love it. (That was from Vanessa).

Another was a Clarisonic brush for my face. My sister bought this for me because I had been talking with her about skin care. And it was something I’d never buy for myself so I thought it was a nice present.

And another gift was from the BF and my other sister. It was a Garmin Forerunner runner’s watch. It keeps track of your heart rate, time, and distance. I can’t wait to try it out!!!

So grateful for all my gifts.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful one and got to spend time with loved ones!!!!

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Kate Spade Ring From Vanessa

December 18, 2012 Leave a comment

I love this ring that Vanessa, from Apostrophe The Cat, got for me! It’s a Kate Spade ring and it came in such a pretty box! It’s a gold ring. I needed a gold ring to accessorize with because I didn’t really have a nice one! It’s also very SHINY, which I absolutely LOVE. Aaaand… It fits PERFECTLY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

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Cat Shaped Ring Holder

December 16, 2012 Leave a comment

My nephew picked this ring holder out for me. He’s only 3! And it even looks like my cat, Sasha! I LOVE IT!

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