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I Am My Own Yard Man

March 30, 2013 Leave a comment


I had to cut my grass today so that we could hide easter eggs for him tomorrow. It was a very huge task. LOL

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March 28, 2013 2 comments


Lately, I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed. It has most recently culminated to it’s worst and highest point ever.

I’ve been really stressed out lately because my grandma has broken her hip and she has slight dementia, and so she has become dependent on 24 hour care–mostly provided by myself. Due to circumstance, everyone in my family, except me, has somewhere to be whether it be work or school. I am currently job hunting, so I am the only one available to be home all day to watch and care for my grandma. I make/feed her three meals a day, pick-up/organize/dispense all her medications, make sure she gets exercise, wash all her clothes and bedding, change her diapers, bathe her, and make sure to help her when she walks around and make sure she uses her walker when walking around as well. I also take her to her doctor appointments, keep track of any nurse visits, and make sure all her bills are paid. She makes things very difficult for me because she refuses to eat because she’s not hungry, refuses to get out of bed to exercise because she just doesn’t want to, and refuses to take a bath because she doesn’t want to. Don’t get me wrong. She is perfectly capable of doing these things, and even listens to strangers, like nurses, when they tell her to do these things. No argument or anything. I don’t know why she’s like this, but if it is me, she usually ends up turning it into an argument. I talk to her–beg her–PLEAD with her–to do these things for me, but she just will not do these things. Only once in a great while I can get her to do it without an argument. This is very much BURNING ME OUT like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. 24/7 taking care and waiting on a grown adult. Anyway, it’s just very stressful and I get very little sleep.

On top of this, I have been job searching and applying everywhere that has an entry level position that I qualify for. I also try to look for full time positions, with medical, at larger, more established companies in which I have opportunity to advance my career. I really did not enjoy being a secretary and feel like I’m wasting my time at jobs where there is no opportunity for advancement. I love to learn and keep myself updated on new technology, techniques, information and applications and I’d like to be able to put that to good use. Within the last month, I have applied at about 12 different jobs. Both part time and full time and in all different pay ranges. They are all entry level positions that I qualify for. I got an interview at one company but have not heard back from them, got “sorry we filled the position letters” from three companies, and the rest, I have not gotten any response from at all. I have LOTS of bills I need to pay. Also, I already feel very behind in life because all my friends are moving on to bigger and better things. I am educated. I have excellent references. I have a good personality. I have good work ethics. I have a lot of desirable qualities as a worker or employee, but I still am not able to get a decent job. So I am very discouraged at this point.

I also pretty much take care of and manage my family. I pay the bills. I make sure the house is in running order. I do whatever needs to be done to take care of my grandma, dad, sisters, and self.

In addition to these stressors, I have to manage my relationships with the BF and friends. This is harder than it seems with those other, larger, stressors.

The BF and I don’t have much time to do things for us since I or we are always doing things to take care of everyone else. Everything becomes nit-picky. I even had to severe ties with a good friend for a no good reason because of all the stress.

I feel really down in the dumps right now.

I hope things pick up soon or…. I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m. So. Tired…

Sorry for the depressing post, but this helps me to organize my thoughts and feelings and also helps to let me let out some stress. Thanks guys.

Rose From The Garden

March 21, 2013 Leave a comment


The BF brought in a rose from the garden. It’s so pretty and is blooming very nicely!

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Fly Web Fly Trap

March 9, 2013 Leave a comment

I bought this Fly Web Fly Trap from Amazon. I’ve been looking for a bug zapper or bug trapper thing for my bedroom. I don’t have any water, or food, or plants or anything in there, but for some reason I have all these little gnats that bother me at night! I turn off all my lights, and use my phone right before bed to browse the internet or play some games, and the gnats fly towards my screen and land on it!

The other night, I smashed 5 separate gnats on my phone screen, one after another. SO IRRITATING.

So, I began looking up bug zappers. BOY, they can get really expensive! So I settled on a 4-star bug trapper called the Fly Web Fly Trap for $25. I also bought a pack of sticky paper refills for the thing because it doesn’t zap the bug as opposed to attracting it to the light and it flying an trapping itself on the sticky paper inside.

This is what it looks like:





It’s quite large (as I was expecting something a little bigger than a plug in night light). But that’s okay, because the moment I plugged it in, it immediately started to attract and catch all the little gnats that were flying around my room!

I’m going to keep using this thing until I can find the cause of the gnats and stop the problem. I can be on my phone in peace at night when the lights are off as long as this thing is on.

Cat Grass & The Ugliest Pillow I’ve Ever Seen

March 8, 2013 Leave a comment




Tonight, I bought cat grass for Sasha from Home Depot, and I also saw the UGLIEST pillows I’ve ever seen at Target. LOL

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Bills, Bills, Bills

March 6, 2013 Leave a comment




Today, I did the bills for the house, and Sasha decided to “help me” out. LOL She always manages to put herself between me and whatever I’m doing. But she’s just so darn cute, who could be mad?

Decorative Pillows

March 4, 2013 Leave a comment





Picked up some REALLY CUTE decorative (but comfy) pillows from Target tonight. I’m always on the lookout for a good deal and I happened to need some new pillows for the bed and for my couch. Such a good deal!