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As Long As We Got Love

October 12, 2013 Leave a comment

I kept hearing this song on the radio at work and I could NOT for the life of me remember the lyrics by the time I got home, so I could never look it up and download it.

I spent a half an hour today trying to google it off the five words that I thought I knew… Which turned out to only be half right. HAHAHAHA

But I found it!!! Listen. It’s a song that just makes me feel good and happy.

As Long As We Got Love
Javier Colon


Beats Commercial!

May 21, 2013 Leave a comment

I loved this new BeatsBy Dre commercial! It has these two cool twins known as the Les Twins dancing in it, AND there was a song that I really liked that they were dancing to! It’s called Play Hard by David Guetta, and featuring Ne-Yo and Akon. It’s a good song! Look it up if you have the time. Look up the Les Twins too! They have lots of cool videos on YouTube!
Photo May 21, 10 35 51 PM

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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Photo Jan 17, 9 32 34 PM

The BF’s cousin heard me singing along to Rihanna’s “Diamonds” in the car one day, and so she brought the CD for me and said I could make a copy of it. So thoughtful, yeah?

One Republic: Good Life

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Wanted to share a video…. One Republic’s Good Life.

Hopelessly, I feel like there might be something that I’ll miss. Hopelessly, I feel like the window closes oh so quick. Hopelessly, I’m taking a mental picture of you now, ‘Cause hopelessly, the hope is we have so much to feel good about…”

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“Bad” By The Cab

January 20, 2012 Leave a comment

I was browsing around in a clothes store one day, and I heard this song being played in the store. I didn’t really notice it at first, but halfway through, I started to really hear the chorus and it was SO catchy! I texted myself some of the lyrics so I’d remember to look the song up when I got home (I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS forget the song lyrics by the time I get home).

I found out that the song is called “Bad” by The Cab. When I watched the music video, I loved it even more! It’s funny because it’s has a funny storyline, but it’s also funny because it seems to be so on par that it HAS to be drawn from personal experience. Like maybe the director or collaborators have had a similar personal experience. Hahaha… Watch it. You’ll get what I mean.


Nelly’s “Just a Dream” Cover by Jason Chen and Joseph Vincent

September 9, 2010 1 comment

I really can’t get enough of this song, and I really like a lot of Jason Chen’s cover songs. Check this out. It’s really good AND it’s HOMEMADE!

All To Myself

August 18, 2010 2 comments

Just a video to get you pumped up for whatever day or night you may have ahead of you…

All To Myself by Marianas Trench

“Did you say please just follow me? I thought you wanted me, cuz I can’t stay with someone else. I’ll try and suck it up–I just can’t suck it up. Make me feel like someone else…”

(It’s sooooo catchy!!! You can’t just listen once… And personally, I’m a sucker for a guy in a black, collared shirt and crisp converses.)