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Washed Car Today

September 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Washed car today. Used the new Ice brand liquid wax by Turtle Wax. We can’t seem to find the Ice brand liquid polish anymore! And that’s our absolute favorite! Gonna have to hunt around to find it! The liquid was is not bad though. Wipes off easier than I expected (and easier than most waxes).


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Tiny Chocolates!

March 18, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve been looking for these tiny chocolate candies that I read about on Taralynn McNitt’s food/life blog, called Undressed Skeleton, for about a week now. They’re from Whole Foods! I’ve just been a little busy so spotting them in the crowded store when you’re short on time is a bit hard. However, I finally found them!

They’re the 365 Everyday Value brand from Whole Foods. I bought DARK CHOCOLATE because that’s supposedly healthier for you, but they have them available in MILK CHOCOLATE too. 🙂


They’re PERFECT for if you’re looking for a sweet treat after dinner or a meal, or to kill that craving brought on by a sweet tooth. It’s thin and a little bigger than the size of a quarter.


I have a slight problem controlling my cravings for an ice cream cone, some chocolates, or sugary treats after I eat.  If I make myself an ice cream cone, I build it up to look like one of those nice big ice cream cones like in the cartoons, or if I have a box of chocolates, I’ll find myself “sneaking” one more piece, and then one more, and then one more… I figured that this would be perfect because I can limit myself to a tiny piece and it’ll put the sugary craving to rest. Then I won’t get stuck sitting with an open box of chocolates on my lap. Hahahaha.. :p


Purse Sized Bottles Of Ibuprofen

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Today, I stocked up on some “purse-sized” ibuprofen. It’s Up & Up brand (which is Target’s store brand). I like it because I’ve always had a fascination for miniature everything. I mean, who’d wanna lug around a 500 count bottle of ibuprofen in their bag??

There was a store coupon for the ibuprofen too, so it only cost $0.77! (On the mainland it’s even cheaper so with the coupon it was coming out free!) But here in Hawaii, everything is marked up, so mine cost $0.77. Which is still a good price because at CVS, with a 40% off sale, the 24 count of CVS brand ibuprofen is $3! Seriously. Good deals! 🙂

It works good too.