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Halloween 2012!

October 31, 2012 Leave a comment

For Halloween this year, we decided to give out candy and we also used our little canon photo printer, and our digital camera, and we printed on-site pictures for people that wanted to have a keepsake for Halloween! The BF bought me extra photo paper and printer ink for the little canon printer, so we had extra to print out photos! We also gave out Halloween stickers, and these printable coupons that the American Dental Association put out that was for a free download of Plants Vs. Zombies for your PC or Mac computer. Apparently, it costs $19.99 usually, but was free with the code on the coupon!! Those were both the BF’s ideas. He’s so creative! Something different than the usual candy.

This was our setup. 🙂 And the BF also set up his portable speaker, and streamed Halloween themed music from it! It sounded so scary! Everything was so cool.

Mika was also in the Halloween spirit with her orange Halloween bandana. (She had a groomer’s appointment today, so they put on an orange bandana for her.) LOL


Fun Idea: Creative Snail Mail

January 29, 2012 3 comments

This past week, I wrote my friend, Vanessa, (who also has a blog– a letter.

“Creative snail mail” more like.

I got the idea from a pin that she posted on Pinterest, a virtual pinboard of all kinds of interesting things.

I saw a pin that she pinned and decided to create my own snail mail and send it to her!

This is how it turned out:



I decorated a piece of paper with things that I happened to have around my house. Then, I wrote the letter and printed little pictures of things to paste into the letter along with my writings.

I love the idea of snail mail, and the sentiment of a handwritten letter. And she loved it!

This could also work as a Valentine’s Day gift too. What could be sweeter than a handwritten love letter!? 😀

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts!

January 24, 2012 3 comments

Hello all! I am SO excited for Valentine’s Day. I’ve only celebrated V-day once with a significant other (because I’ve never really had a significant other on V-Day really), but it’s STILL one of my favorite holidays! You can just feel the love and romance in the air! And I like to show my loved ones and friends that I love them. Before I had my significant other, I made extra special valentines for my best friend for years. (It just so happens that he’s my significant other now. ;))

I always start my V-Day projects early. I’ve been searching and searching for ideas on what to make as a homemade gift. I like the sentiment that a homemade gift carries.

So, I’ve picked out one thing that I’ve found on the internet to do. I can’t tell you what it is yet. I’m fairly sure my boyfriend doesn’t read my blog, but I’d like to keep it under wraps til I actually give it to him.


You might be able to guess what it is if you Google “creative Valentine’s gifts”.

I’ve been googling and searchig for weeks, and have looked at every site possible for ideas.
If you’re looking for ideas, here are some good sites, for good ideas:

10 Things I Love About You (I really like this one.)

14 Love Notes (I really  like this one too!)

Martha Stewart V-Day Gifts

16 Homemade V-Day Gifts

Creative, Thoughtful, and CHEAP!

What type of gifts do you make for your significant other?? 🙂