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Halloween 2012!

October 31, 2012 Leave a comment

For Halloween this year, we decided to give out candy and we also used our little canon photo printer, and our digital camera, and we printed on-site pictures for people that wanted to have a keepsake for Halloween! The BF bought me extra photo paper and printer ink for the little canon printer, so we had extra to print out photos! We also gave out Halloween stickers, and these printable coupons that the American Dental Association put out that was for a free download of Plants Vs. Zombies for your PC or Mac computer. Apparently, it costs $19.99 usually, but was free with the code on the coupon!! Those were both the BF’s ideas. He’s so creative! Something different than the usual candy.

This was our setup. 🙂 And the BF also set up his portable speaker, and streamed Halloween themed music from it! It sounded so scary! Everything was so cool.

Mika was also in the Halloween spirit with her orange Halloween bandana. (She had a groomer’s appointment today, so they put on an orange bandana for her.) LOL


Ideas For Halloween Next Year!

October 28, 2012 Leave a comment

I watched an episode of one of the shows that I like the other day and it gave me an idea for Halloween for next year!

First off, the show I watched is called Pretty Little Liars and it happened to be their Halloween Special. For Halloween, each of the 4 girls agreed on a theme and they all picked out costumes according to the theme. So their theme was something like character from movies or novels or something like that. So each of the girls dressed up in a “surprise” costume, unbeknownst to each other.

What a fabulous idea!

Each of them said what they were but all came decked out to the nines!

This was soooo cool! And I bet that my group of friends would be great at doing something like this! I’ll have to talk to them about it for next year!