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Valentine’s Day Wish List

February 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Mint Life Blog reports that:

“According to the National Retail Federation, the average person will spend $130.97 on Valentine’s Day gifts this year, with men spending significantly more than women, and total holiday spending expected to reach $18.6 billion.”

Now, I know that the notion of Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love for one another, and that it’s not about how much you spend or the gifts you receive OVER the importance of the solid fact that one individual is loved by another and vice versa.

HOWEVER, since V-Day is coming up and maybe you were going to get your special someone something anyway but wondering what to get, I figured I’d post a Valentine’s Day Wish List of various items and ideas for you! 🙂

Some of the items on this list may seem extravagent, or this list may seem very long, but it’s just a “Wish List”, not a “List-Of-Everything-I-Must-Get-On-Valentine’s-Day”. And I’m pretty sure that the BF doesn’t read my blog, so it’s okay to have a wish list like this. Hahaha :p

ALSO, I can’t stress enough how important the thought is. It’s always the thought that counts. The more thought you put into the gift, the more cherished the gift is. It doesn’t matter how much it costs, or if you bought it or made it…

Okay, so here goes:

Does your lover like to collect anything? Coins? Snow globes? Pins? Hats? Get her/him something to add to their collection.

For me, I’ve started a collection of Hello Kitty dolls that I leave in my car. Everytime I stumble across a new one, I end up buying, winning, or some how [legally] obtaining them. The BF has bought me several of the dolls in my collection and I know I’d love to receive another! This is the Tokidoki for Hello Kitty doll that I absolutely LOVE from Sanrio.


Another idea if you’re sort of sweetly old-fashioned, madly in love with your sweetheart and want to show your committment to them, or if your girl is just a jewelry type of person, a promise ring is something that a lot of women like to receive. And what better a time to give them such a token then on V-Day! Zales has a large assortment of promise rings that could fit a wide array of budgets. Of course you want to pick one that fits your budget as well as your gal, but personally, this one is my FAVORITE so far after reading the customer reviews, ratings, and after looking at the reviewers’ personal pictures of the ring on the site:

1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Crisscross Ring in 10K White Gold

Or, is your girl a techie at heart? Is there a specific gadget she’s had her eye on for a while? Something she really wants but would never buy for herself? Does she need a specific gadget? Maybe a digital camera to capture memories for that upcoming trip? Maybe her phone is falling apart or works only every other call? Maybe she needs a laptop to work on the go? Or an iPod to go to the gym with? Whatever it may be, just make sure you put some thought into it.

For me, I’d have two gadgets in mind that fall into the category of “I’d-love-to-have-one-but-I’d-never-buy-it-for-myself“. One is a 13-inch Apple Macbook Pro laptop with retina display, and the other is a Samsung Galaxy Note II cell phone.

macbook pro

Another timeless gift is a gift of flowers. If she likes them, pick out your girl’s favorite colored flower, or her favorite flower in general. If you’re on a budget, Costco, or even Safeway has some nice arrangments or bunches of flowers.

Personally, I love lilies and roses. Or just a giant bushel of roses. I’m talking like 3 dozen roses. And I love pink. And red. Or orange is nice. LOL Well, I guess I just really like flowers, and the bigger the arrangement the better. But boy, can it get costly. I used to work at a florist and BOY! Some arrangments get really expensive!


So, maybe she’s not a flowers person? But is she a food person? What’s her favorite type of food? Her favorite restaurant? Her favorite eating spot? If you’re good at cooking, maybe you can cook her something? If you’re not so good at cooking, cook her something anyway–She’ll probably be flattered that you spent the time doing that.

If you’re not so handy, order something. If she likes to eat clean, order her a fruit arrangment! Those are really popular now. They’re pretty AND healthy! Personally, I’d LOVE to receive one of these. They’re DELICIOUS! Edible Arrangments even delivers!


Is your lady the type that likes to do her nails or get her nails done? You could pick out a few nail polishes for her or get her a certificate to her favorite nail salon for a manicure/pedicure combo!

Some really good quality brands for polishes are OPI or China Glaze. These run about $8.00-$9.00 a piece. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper but still good quality, I love Revlon and Essie. They’ll run you $5.00-$6.00 each. Nicole (by OPI) is pretty good too and can be found at places like Target for about $7.00. There are also other brands that I’ve heard are good too like Butter London. That might be something new to her and might be fun to try out.


If you’re on a smaller budget, Mint Life Blog also has a V-Day idea post that has gifts ranging in price from $1.95 – $15.00! And these are all cute ideas too!

OR, if you’re the creative type, MAKE HER SOMETHING! This is always really impressive because you actually took the time out to pinpoint something she’d like, get the supplies, make the gift, and present it to her. There are a lot of sites on how to make Do-It-Yourself gifts.

If you’re not the crafty type, then maybe you can pick out something that has been handmade by someone else! A website called Etsy is a site specifically for sellers who make handmade goods. You can find ALL KINDS OF HANDMADE GIFTS on there! There’s GOT to be SOMETHING that your significant other would like on there. There’s handmade jewelry, handmade clothing, handmade dolls, handmade baby items, handmade EVERYTHING! They even have lists of compiled items specifically for V-Day that you can look at!


For now, this is all I have time for, but I’ll post more as I think of things. Hope this helps so far!


Christmas Clearance

January 4, 2012 2 comments

I LOVE the holidays, and though I’m always sad to see the season come to an end, I AM happy to usher in some of the excellent store clearances that follow!

Yesterday night I went to Target, and they were having 70% off of their Christmas clearance items! Among the usual tissue paper and ribbon that I usually pick up for next year were a few -quirky- but useful items that I just HAD to pick up.

First were a couple of BIG super-sparkly stick-on ribbons. (You know, for those really big gift boxes that look absolutely stupid with a regular-sized stick-on ribbon on it.)

$.90 cents each!

Also, an assorted box of mini Knott’s Berry Farm jams! (Perfect for someone like my Grandma, who loves any kind of jam or jelly, but doesn’t want to buy full-sized jars of each!)

$1.79 per box!

Another Christmas clearance item that I picked up was a “valet tray“. Before last night, I had never heard of a valet tray. (It’s basically a men’s organizer to keep things like watches, cufflinks, keys, etc. all in one place.) I saw it and immediately decided to re-purpose it as an organizing tool for my computer desk.

$3.59 each

And when your computer desk looks like THIS:

Believe me, you’re gonna need something like that to get a little organized! Hahahaha…….

But I digress…

I also found some baking goods! Still good for the eating, but just ten times cheaper, AND it comes with extras!

$1.79 for the sugar cookie mix with snowman oven mitt & $1.79 for the snickerdoodle cookie mix with mini whisk!

$2.99 for a chocolate cupcake mix kit with Christmas carrier box, toppers, and sprinkles!

All of this for just about $15 bucks! Not too shabby, eh? 🙂

I Can’t Wait For The Holidays!

November 3, 2010 2 comments


All the shopping centers, malls, and stores are starting to decorate for the holidays! I LOVE it! It always makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

There’s just something about the cooler weather and the smell of gingerbread lattes that make me reminisce on some the best holiday memories and feelings…. siiiigh

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