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New Lipsticks!

June 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Got some new lipsticks from Sears tonight! All the major drugstore brands were 50% off!

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My New Sunshade

May 13, 2013 Leave a comment

I had to get a new sunshade for my car because my old one was getting all soggy. Of course, I picked the leopard print one. The PINK leopard print one. Hahahaha

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New Kicks!

May 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Found some really nice shoes today! I have always loved and bought this kind of style of shoe. It’s very “me”. AND it was on sale for only $40 bucks!

New Heels: Alie In Black

April 14, 2013 Leave a comment

One of the pairs of shoes that I ordered from came in! The style is called “Alie” and I got it in black. They’re platform peeptoe pumps with an ankle strap and about a 5 inch heel. VERY tall… Taller than I expected, but it’s a nice shoe!

Here are some pics:



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Replacement Starbucks Card

January 5, 2013 Leave a comment


Got my replacement Gold Starbucks card! My old one was from 2009, so I emailed Starbucks to see if I could get a replacement one. They emailed me back and told me that I have to request a new card by logging into my account and clicking the “lost or stolen card” link. Apparently, even if the card isn’t technically “lost or stolen”, that is the only way to get another one reissued. (They don’t just send you a new one every year or so that’s why). So, in this process, they deactivate your old card, so it won’t work while they’re in the process of mailing you the new one.

Just thought that this was handy info to have in case your card is old, or in case your card is lost or stolen! 🙂

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New Shoes!

March 30, 2012 Leave a comment


I got these shoes from Express! My one shoes! $39.99 with an extra 20% off! Yay!

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