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Valentine’s Day Wish List

February 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Mint Life Blog reports that:

“According to the National Retail Federation, the average person will spend $130.97 on Valentine’s Day gifts this year, with men spending significantly more than women, and total holiday spending expected to reach $18.6 billion.”

Now, I know that the notion of Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love for one another, and that it’s not about how much you spend or the gifts you receive OVER the importance of the solid fact that one individual is loved by another and vice versa.

HOWEVER, since V-Day is coming up and maybe you were going to get your special someone something anyway but wondering what to get, I figured I’d post a Valentine’s Day Wish List of various items and ideas for you! 🙂

Some of the items on this list may seem extravagent, or this list may seem very long, but it’s just a “Wish List”, not a “List-Of-Everything-I-Must-Get-On-Valentine’s-Day”. And I’m pretty sure that the BF doesn’t read my blog, so it’s okay to have a wish list like this. Hahaha :p

ALSO, I can’t stress enough how important the thought is. It’s always the thought that counts. The more thought you put into the gift, the more cherished the gift is. It doesn’t matter how much it costs, or if you bought it or made it…

Okay, so here goes:

Does your lover like to collect anything? Coins? Snow globes? Pins? Hats? Get her/him something to add to their collection.

For me, I’ve started a collection of Hello Kitty dolls that I leave in my car. Everytime I stumble across a new one, I end up buying, winning, or some how [legally] obtaining them. The BF has bought me several of the dolls in my collection and I know I’d love to receive another! This is the Tokidoki for Hello Kitty doll that I absolutely LOVE from Sanrio.


Another idea if you’re sort of sweetly old-fashioned, madly in love with your sweetheart and want to show your committment to them, or if your girl is just a jewelry type of person, a promise ring is something that a lot of women like to receive. And what better a time to give them such a token then on V-Day! Zales has a large assortment of promise rings that could fit a wide array of budgets. Of course you want to pick one that fits your budget as well as your gal, but personally, this one is my FAVORITE so far after reading the customer reviews, ratings, and after looking at the reviewers’ personal pictures of the ring on the site:

1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Crisscross Ring in 10K White Gold

Or, is your girl a techie at heart? Is there a specific gadget she’s had her eye on for a while? Something she really wants but would never buy for herself? Does she need a specific gadget? Maybe a digital camera to capture memories for that upcoming trip? Maybe her phone is falling apart or works only every other call? Maybe she needs a laptop to work on the go? Or an iPod to go to the gym with? Whatever it may be, just make sure you put some thought into it.

For me, I’d have two gadgets in mind that fall into the category of “I’d-love-to-have-one-but-I’d-never-buy-it-for-myself“. One is a 13-inch Apple Macbook Pro laptop with retina display, and the other is a Samsung Galaxy Note II cell phone.

macbook pro

Another timeless gift is a gift of flowers. If she likes them, pick out your girl’s favorite colored flower, or her favorite flower in general. If you’re on a budget, Costco, or even Safeway has some nice arrangments or bunches of flowers.

Personally, I love lilies and roses. Or just a giant bushel of roses. I’m talking like 3 dozen roses. And I love pink. And red. Or orange is nice. LOL Well, I guess I just really like flowers, and the bigger the arrangement the better. But boy, can it get costly. I used to work at a florist and BOY! Some arrangments get really expensive!


So, maybe she’s not a flowers person? But is she a food person? What’s her favorite type of food? Her favorite restaurant? Her favorite eating spot? If you’re good at cooking, maybe you can cook her something? If you’re not so good at cooking, cook her something anyway–She’ll probably be flattered that you spent the time doing that.

If you’re not so handy, order something. If she likes to eat clean, order her a fruit arrangment! Those are really popular now. They’re pretty AND healthy! Personally, I’d LOVE to receive one of these. They’re DELICIOUS! Edible Arrangments even delivers!


Is your lady the type that likes to do her nails or get her nails done? You could pick out a few nail polishes for her or get her a certificate to her favorite nail salon for a manicure/pedicure combo!

Some really good quality brands for polishes are OPI or China Glaze. These run about $8.00-$9.00 a piece. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper but still good quality, I love Revlon and Essie. They’ll run you $5.00-$6.00 each. Nicole (by OPI) is pretty good too and can be found at places like Target for about $7.00. There are also other brands that I’ve heard are good too like Butter London. That might be something new to her and might be fun to try out.


If you’re on a smaller budget, Mint Life Blog also has a V-Day idea post that has gifts ranging in price from $1.95 – $15.00! And these are all cute ideas too!

OR, if you’re the creative type, MAKE HER SOMETHING! This is always really impressive because you actually took the time out to pinpoint something she’d like, get the supplies, make the gift, and present it to her. There are a lot of sites on how to make Do-It-Yourself gifts.

If you’re not the crafty type, then maybe you can pick out something that has been handmade by someone else! A website called Etsy is a site specifically for sellers who make handmade goods. You can find ALL KINDS OF HANDMADE GIFTS on there! There’s GOT to be SOMETHING that your significant other would like on there. There’s handmade jewelry, handmade clothing, handmade dolls, handmade baby items, handmade EVERYTHING! They even have lists of compiled items specifically for V-Day that you can look at!


For now, this is all I have time for, but I’ll post more as I think of things. Hope this helps so far!


Promise Rings

December 9, 2012 Leave a comment

First off, let me say that I’ve always loved the idea of a promise ring. Basically, it’s “a ring worn to signify a commitment to a monogamous relationship” (Wikipedia’s formal definition). Your significant other promises him/herself to you, wanting to be with you, and shows it with a physical token of his/her love and affection. Now, I know some of you may be older, have gone through this already, or are married, but still. I felt I had to write about this since it’s something I’ve thought about since middle school.

A lot of girls LOVE to have tokens like these. Even though it’s useless. Even though it serves no purpose.

To them, it means so much more than having something useful, or something over the top, or something that will be used up eventually. Those types of things are all good to have too and any present from a significant other is always appreciated, but quite different than getting your loved one something like a promise ring.

For me, it’s not about the receiving of a piece of jewelry as it is:

  • The fact that he/she wanted to get this for you in the first place. Period. (They wanted to really solidify and seal their proof of commitment in every way including a tangible way)
  • They really wanted to show their committment in a beautifultangible item that can be shown off to other people. (They want everyone else to know that you are theirs and he/she is yours and that you both are very serious about each other)
  • They are proud to be with you. (They are PROUD to be with you. They are PROUD to be the boyfriend/girlfriend of [insert your name here])
  • They spent time really thinking this through. (It’s not easy taking on a task such as picking out something like this)
  • They spent time looking for the perfect ring. (They probably spent a lot of time figuring out their budget, finding funds, and looking for the perfect ring to suit you)

I actually have a really hard time trying to put into words the feeling and sentiment of something like a promise ring and the meaning it has to me, but this is the best I could come up with so far.

It’s funny because I started out looking at a good deal on a pendant–and ended up looking at promise rings for a few hours instead!

Here are some great finds for any budget that you might have. So for all you boyfriends or girlfriends looking for a beautiful promise ring (or I even noticed some of the more budget conscious people using some of these rings as engagement rings) for your significant other, here it is.

I narrowed my search on the Zales website to white gold, and the stone being diamonds. I also chose the rings with the best reviews, and ones with user-submitted pictures so I could actually SEE what they looked like in real-life. I found that reading the reviews and seeing the pictures REALLY helped me to see whether I did or did not like it.

I’ll start from the most affordable and go to the more expensive ones. These are the ones that I really liked that didn’t look tacky and that had an actual carat weight to them.


^This one is very affordable but still offers a very pretty setting and a single diamond, center placement. It looks very dainty on the finger too. You can check out the ring, user submitted pictures, and user reviews HERE. Item # 18669994


^ This one is cute and simple but still has eye-catching sparkle. You can check out the ring, user submitted pictures, and user reviews HERE. Item # 18165027


^ This one is one of the more typical styles that I’ve seen in terms of promise rings, and the three stone setting supposedly has a symbolic meaning as well (something about each diamond signifying something). It also looks very dainty on the finger as well. You can check out the ring, user submitted pictures, and user reviews HERE. Item # 18162057

Now, the next two are very similar, but you can decide for yourselves which one you like better. The user-submitted pictures make it a toss up between the two for me. Check them out before deciding!

4 5

^They both have a criss cross design, and they both look very beautiful on the finger. I think the difference is the left one has diamonds on one of the criss cross strands (hence the 1/4 CT TW) as well as a slight ring of gold around the center diamond, and the left one looks like diamonds, but it’s actually the gold that’s chipped in to (hence the 1/6 CT solitaire), so there’s only actually only one diamond on the ring. I feel like these ones aren’t so small that you can’t really see the diamonds, but also not so big that it looks ridiculous for a promise ring. For me, when I look at the user-submitted pics, I favor the left one… wait… no, maybe the right one. No, the left… I dunno. You decide. :p LOL

On the left is THIS RING (check out the reviews and user-submitted pics), item # 17700121 …… and on the right is THIS RING (check out the reviews and user-submitted pics), item # 18199760

^ This one, I didn’t think I really liked but it had such high reviews that I had to check it out. The pictures of it on the finger are actually really nice. This is for the sparkly at heart type of girl. It looks very dainty on the finger and sparkles a lot under the light! You can check out the ring, user submitted pictures, and user reviews HERE. Item # 18143636


^ Now, this ring, I thought was very pretty, and it was at the top of the price list in terms of promise rings (without getting into the engagement ring category). It has a nice single diamond, surrounded by baghuette diamonds. However, there are no reviews or user-submitted pics, so I can’t make too much of a suggestion for this one because I’d like to see it on someone’s finger first. But it looks like it’d be a gordeous ring! And if you want to spend or have a hight budget for your significant other, then this might just be the one for you! You can still check it out HERE. Item # 19192327

There are A LOT of promise rings listed on Zales, but as I mentioned before, these were the ones that had user reviews and pictures. They are also some of the more classy ones. There are a lot of other fun or cute rings on here too, as well as some other pricier rings (categorized under promise rings but listed as engagement rings). Take a look and you might find something you like HERE!